Miami Results and Commentary 2024

Miami Results and Commentary 2024

Well, I’m sure you are away that we had an eventful Miami F1/Carrera Cup weekend. The car was set up nicely and Dan was within a few tenths of the fastest cars. We qualified 8th but probably would have been higher but we had a wall hit on the track due to an earlier damaged car that was leaking glycol (suppose to use water as coolant). 

Race #1 was an excellent race for us as Dan turned in a 4th place finish!  Race #2 we were not so lucky as mild side by side bump on the racetrack with another car caused catastrophic results when the steering wheel was jolted from Dan’s hands. We are not sure exactly what happened but it may have been that the steering rack broke when the cars touched. Either way, the front left corner of Dan’s car impact the concrete wall and resulted in the car being “tubbed”, or basically needing a new full tub frame.

Thanks again for all your support. We are all looking forward to the Montreal F1/Carrera Cup race!



Race 1 Place 4
Race 2 DNF



Upcoming Race | Circuit Gilles Villeneuve - Montreal, Canada: June 7-9th

Race Times 
  • SATURDAY JUNE 8 | RACE 1: 5:55 - 6:40 PM
  • SUNDAY JUNE 9 | RACE 2: 9:40 - 10:25 AM

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