• Reis-Nichols Jewelers is a high end, luxury retailer and is one of the nation’s largest and most respected privately held retail jewelers in the country. A family-owned business, their rich history in the jewelry industry dates back to 1919.

    In addition to being a destination for the perfect engagement ring, Reis-Nichols designs and manufactures one-of-a-kind jewelry and has professional watchmakers in their certified watch repair facilities. Reis-Nichols is also an authorized retailer to many internationally known luxury and designer brands.

    With two locations in the greater Indianapolis region, they are the area’s premier jeweler with a focus on providing personalized service. Their free-standing flagship store located on the north side in the luxury retail shopping district of Indianapolis. The Greenwood location is the destination for south-side clientele and is located just south of Greenwood Park Mall.

  • Mihir & Sahvan Patel are regulars on the track at Putnam Park and were excited to join in supporting Dan Clarke and Reis-Nichols Motorsports team. They represent our partnership with OthroIndy.

    With over 80 physicians providing care to central Indiana residents from more than 10 convenient locations, OrthoIndy provides leading-edge bone, joint, spine and muscle care. In 1962, Drs. Donald Blackwell and F. Robert Brueckmann founded the Blackwell and Brueckmann Partnership, which became the foundation for a unique medical practice known as OrthoIndy.

    In March 2005, OrthoIndy opened its very own orthopedic hospital to better serve its patients. OrthoIndy Hospital (legally named, the Indiana Orthopedic Hospital) is Indiana’s first specialty hospital with a direct focus on orthopedic care. OrthoIndy Hospital focuses on musculoskeletal care and complex surgical procedures including total joints (hip and knee) and spinal operations.

  • Geoff Isringhausen, a true car enthusiast, of Isringhausen Imports and Isringhausen Motorsports has been a great supporter of Reis-Nichols Motorsports.

    Over the past 30 years, Isringhausen Imports has been synonymous with quality vehicles and superb service. As an authorized dealer for BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, and Volvo; the Isringhausen-Way of doing business is one of offering excellent products at fair prices coupled with service that goes above and beyond what anyone would expect from a typical car dealership.

  • Chris DiAsio is the president of the Putnam Park Corporation and The Club at Putnam Park. He was the catalyst in gaining support to put driver Dan Clarke behind the wheel of the RN Motorsports GT3.

    The Club is an exclusive motorsports country club for people who enjoy cars and motorcycles. Open 120+ days per year, members are able to drive their vehicle on the track, whether it is a daily driver, exotic sports car, race car, or collector car. This private club is limited to 150 members and provides them a safe, friendly environment to drive high-performance cars fast and thrive at their own pace.

  • Nick York of York Automotive, race enthusiast represents the partnership with Reis-Nichols Motorsports. 

    York Automotive is an authorized dealer for Chevrolet, Jeep, GMC, Chrysler, Dodge, Buick, and RAM Trucks; with locations in Plainfield, Greencastle, Crawfordsville, and Brazil.

  • 'OBFM' Racing was a successful race team that competed mostly in desert races including Baja 500 & 1000.  Founding members included Tracy Axton along with brothers Tom and Bill Dunbar.  The men took their passion for racing and combine it with a bit of self-deprecating humor, to coin the name OBFM 'Old, Bald, Fat, Married’ Racing.

    Although the team no longer races competitively, the team will once again grace the track through this sponsorship dedicated to OBFM Racing founding member, Tom Dunbar who passed away after a long battle with cancer.

  • Rick Bartlett is the owner of Royal Spa, and his son Chris Bartlett is an engineer at Rolls Royce.  Together with the help of Rick’s youngest son, Nick Bartlett, they make up Bartlett Performance and serve as the local team engineers for Reis-Nichols Motorsports. They travel the circuit with the team and have worked with BJ on several of his motorsports ventures over the years.  With Rick’s experience and Chris’ expertise in engineering they have forged an amazing three-man team that have been the behind-the-scenes gurus for all of the technical aspects of the local races.

  • Brian Henry & Jack Farr carry a torch for racing and represent the sponsorship that carries the Motorvault name.

    Indiana’s authorized dealer of Backdraft Racing, Futura Trailers and Porsche Motorsport Racing Cars with over 20 years of sales, consignment, brokerage, and marketing experience of high-line and exotic vehicles.

  • Mike Sonneborn retired from the HVAC business in 2015 and has ventured into the commercial real estate business focused on automotive use in Bloomington, Indiana.

Supporting Partners