Circuit of the Americas Race Results & Commentary 2023

Circuit of the Americas Race Results & Commentary 2023

Well, 2023 is in the record books! Congratulations to Dan for his amazing accomplishment of finishing 6th overall in Championship Points (40 cars total)! The 2023 Carrera Cup season was a lot of work but full of excitement, including a lot of highs, and some lows, but always worth it. Thank you also to Jon Scheurich and his Nolasport team for providing excellent team support!

The COTA Carrera Cup race in Austin was wild and fun to watch!  For the drivers, it was a very different story. Thomas Merrill’s (Dan’s teammate) comment was “you have to attack aggressively or you will be attacked…I have not seen this kind of driving anytime in my career".

Dan finished 12th in Race 1 and had a DNF in Race 2 due to an accident that damaged the front passenger corner of the car. The car was unknowingly leaking radiator fluid which ultimately led to a catastrophic engine failure.

Jeremy, the Technical Director for PMNA, said this past weekend that Nolasport’s 2 drivers (Dan & Thomas) actually won an award for “best performance with limited/no testing”! 

Thank you to our Sponsors and supporting Dan throughout his North Amercia Carrera Cup 2023 season. 




Dan's Results

Race 1 Place 6
Race 2 DNF


Total Points for 2023: 137

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