Road America Results & Commentary

Road America Results & Commentary

It was an exciting weekend at Elkhart Lake. Dan turned in his best finish of the season and his first podium with a remarkable 3rd-place finish in Race 1! It was an incredible performance!

Race 1 3
Race 2 25




Race 2 we were in 3rd place and eyeing a 2nd and 3rd place finish with our Nolasport team. I believe there has not been a 2 person team finish on the podium this year!  However, Dan had an uncharacteristic off-track event that put us near the back of the field. I still don’t know how he got out of the sand but he did it and spared the driver's full course yellow!

There were a lot of celebrations this weekend. Dan and Thomas Merrill (Nolasport) both had their first podium finishes. The Nolasport cars were quite fast and could run with the top cars. The setup changes on the cars for Road America were quite aggressive. This made the cars very dangerous to drive - but very quick. Only the best racers could handle the setup that Dan and Thomas were running!

If you have a chance please watch the Qualifying/Race 1 video recap! It is an amazing narrative and video showing how much intensity and quick decision-making goes into driving these race machines. The start of Race 1 is bumper to bumper and seeing the in-car video from a driver's perspective is daunting and frightening!  There are many times that Dan moves the steering wheel very quickly to save the car from spinning out. Any mortal man would have crashed the car each time that happens!  Also, at the restart of Race 1, the overtake of the 2 cars in T5 was epic!

All in all, I’m very proud of Dan (& Thomas) and the Nolasport team. They had a very successful weekend and have everyone turning their heads!  

We are excited about Indy/IMSA on 9/15. It’s going to be a blast!!

Upcoming Race: Indianapolis Motor Speedway
  • RACE 1: Saturday, September 16 - 2:20 pm
  • RACE 2: Sunday, September 17 - 9:40 am

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    Dan’s commentary: 

    Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible. It's hugely gratifying to me and an honour to deliver a podium finish to reward you all and thank you for everything you have done to make this happen.

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